Praise for Nicholas Woodsworth’s Mediterranean books:

‘Woodsworth remains a witty, erudite and extraordinarily stimulating companion. I enjoyed his quest more than I have enjoyed any other book on Provence since I re-read James Pope-Hennessy’s Aspects of Provence. Believe me, that’s saying something.’
Anthony Peregrine, The Telegraph

‘“The Liquid Continent’ is a Mediterranean trilogy to cherish. Woodsworth is a likeable and informed narrator with a gentle manner and lively, accessible style.‘
Rory Maclean, The Guardian

‘...a squat travel book beckons, “Seeking Provence: Old Myths, New Paths,” part of a British series from Haus Publishing called Armchair Traveler, distributed in the United States by Consortium. Like Tuscany, Provence has been trampled over by too many writers in recent years. But Nicholas Woodsworth, a former Africa correspondent for the Financial Times and a Provençal by marriage, looks as though he could break the curse of Mayle. I’m giving him a chance.’
William Grimes, New York Times

Fascinating, thoughtful and a joy to read, this is the “Armchair Traveller” at its very best.’
The Good Book Guide

An astute reporter with a dry humour and an impressive eye for detail…’
Sunday Telegraph

Curiosity is what makes him a bona fide traveller...To history’s habit of encroaching on his Mediterranean travels he reacts with a surprise which is positively touching.’
The Spectator

A beautifully written trilogy…’

‘The designer Paul Costelloe’s six strapping sons may expect to receive a copy of Nicholas Woodsworth’s Crossing Jerusalem under the tree as their father is a big fan. “There are wonderful descriptions of Jerusalem, of the food and these, I suppose you could call them, religious B&Bs. It’s a very revealing and, I feel, true account.”’